Rich luxury apartments and mansions of celebrities are the examples of pure comfort and status. Let’s take a closer look onto star houses

Top Celebrity Mansions

Comfortable living place is one of the priorities for everyone. But the bustle blocking you to enjoy it. Let the expert taking your essay and  enjoy your luxury place like me who feel blessed for find people in When the house is yours, you want it to be yours completely.

It’s not a secret, that stars and celebrities can live completely free due to their unbelievable earnings.

The most part of them prefer investing their capitals into the luxury houses. Take a look onto top celebrity livings together with us.

  1. 50 Cents House in Connecticut

In the house of an American rap-singer 50 Cent, there are 21 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, covered swimming pool, gymtenn is court, covereds hooting range and home cinema. 17 acres of territory around the mansion belong to the singer as well. 50 Cent spent nearly 6 million dollars to repair the house in 2003, and its price was estimated on 18,5 million in 2007.

  1. The House of Kim Kardashian and Kane West in Belle Air

The villa bought by Kim Kardashian and Kane West for 11 million dollars is built in the Mediterranean style. There are 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, sports gum, cinema, beauty salon, bowling alley, basketball field and two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor ones.

3.Angelina Jolies and Brad Pitts House in Richmond

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittrented their house first, it costed them 50 thousand dollars a month. In 2011, they bought it for 16 million pounds. The interior of a mansion includes wooden details of XV century, the covered swimming pool and a lot of additional accessories.

  1. Angelina Jolies and Brad Pitts House in the Southern France

Another mansion of the star family is located in the Southern France: Chateau Miraval in Bringoles village. It is the castle, surrounded by the wood sand vineyards. There are indoor and outdoor gym, sauna, moto-track, 20 fountains and record studio on the territory. Sweethearts bought this estate for 60 million dollars.

  1. Jennifer Aniston’s and Justin Theroux’s House in Los Angeles

Jennifer Aniston’s and Justin The roux’s House has its own name – Bel Air. The mansion’s territory has park zone with its fountains and sculptures, and the house itself is spacious and light because of big windows. The price of such a family nest is 21 million dollars.

 6.Gwyneth Paltrows and Chris Martins House in Los Angeles

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin bought their Los Angeles house for 10,45 million dollars. There are six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, cinema, gym, three offices, two bars and a poker room in the house.

  1. Osbourne Family’s House in LA Suburbs

 Osbourne’s House is built on the private land with 1 hectare of overall surface. There are six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, library, gym, music studio, home cinema, swimming pool and spa salon on the territory. The estimated price of a mansion is 13,5 million dollars

  1. Jennifer Lopez’s and Mark Anthony’s House in LA Suburbs

It is located nearby the mansion of Osbourne’s family. The couple moved to the elite district of Hidden Hills after the birth of their two children. Except of nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms, there are swimming pool and sound recording studio on the territory.