Now that the effects of global warming cannot be hidden, countries with hot and humid weather are have increased percentage of acquisition of air conditioners. In fact, each business space and almost all households in Singapore use their own cooling unit in order to combat heat. But with the purchase of an AC comes the responsibility of keeping it in a good condition, without any damage.

Now, instead of dwelling too much on the many causes of AC failure, let’s talk about these three top reasons so you can remember to avoid them.

Dirt Build-up on the Fan

Don’t you know that the exterior fan of your AC that expels the hot air from inside your room to the outside is one of the five crucial components that need constant aircon servicing? Therefore, you have to be cautious in taking care of this component. Aside from the exterior fan, there’s also an indoor fan that blows cool air from the evaporator coils.

These fans both have to remain unclogged and clean. Otherwise, your AC unit will have decreased efficiency and poor performance. If both fans are full of dirt, the hot air coming from the room may not be expelled completely and the cool air will also not be emitted the right way.

By simple and regular observation, this can be avoided. You can, in fact, clean these fans on your own once you notice dirt lurking inside.

Weakening or Damaged Capacitors

You might ask what a capacitor is. To answer your question, capacitor is that vital component of your air conditioner that sends energy to the blower motor, the compressor, and the exterior fan to make them start and continue functioning. Therefore, when the capacitor is malfunctioning, there’s a possibility that the AC will have a hard time starting up. You will also notice that your air conditioner will struggle to stop functioning after turning it off when the capacitor is damaged.

You might ask, what is the cause of damaged capacitors? There are two main reasons – too much power received by the capacitor and old age. So make sure that when there’s no electricity, you also unplug your AC. Otherwise, the moment electricity turns on, your capacitor might receive an overflow of power, causing it to be damaged. Additionally, a capacitor needs to be replaced after years of usage. When you notice that your AC cannot start or stop operating after you push the button, then have it checked by professionals.

Clogged Coils

As you know, your cooling unit works with a lot of coils where the venting out and cooling processes take place. Since the air conditioner functions by circulating the air from your room, expelling hot air outside and evaporating coolant to blow cool air inside, it accumulates dust, dirt, and grime in the process. And where do these impurities go? Where else but on the ducts positioned on the exterior unit of your central air conditioning or split system and the outdoor vent of your window-type AC.

Do your part by calling on professionals to inspect if the coils are clogged. You cannot do this on your own. Examining if there are clogged coils is the work of an AC contractor. They will split open the components of your air conditioner to find out the reason for the malfunction.