There are good reasons why self-catering holidays are becoming more and more popular; the advantages truly outweigh the drawbacks compared to the other available options. The concept is very simple, really – instead of staying at an expensive hotel and thereby committing to the costs of meals within one establishment, you’re essentially taking control back and planning your holiday the way you want it to be.

But what exactly are the advantages, and why should you try the self-catering apartment next time you decide you’re ready for a holiday? How does it amount to profit? Here are the top benefits of self-catering apartment holidays you should know.

Lower costs

The hotel itself can be very expensive, not to mention the various meals and snacks that are on offer in such an establishment. By taking advantage of the self-catering commodities and accommodations, you will automatically save a lot of money and stretch your holiday even further.

Great kitchens

Self-catering apartments are designed according to their purpose, and are therefore complete when it comes to cooking and preparing meals. The kitchen that is available to you is thought out to the detail, especially the ones at self-catering Edinburgh apartments such as Edinburgh Pearl Apartments, and has all the things you need to prepare a sumptuous meal; all the gadgets and tools are at your disposal.

More choices

When staying at a hotel, you are usually stuck with a set menu and a fixed number of options. Not so when you stay at a self-catering apartment; you are the boss – and can decide to eat whatever you want. Staying at a self-serviced apartment also encourages you to go out and try the local restaurants or sample the goods found at local markets.

Flexible schedule

When on holiday, you are supposed to relax and fix your own schedule – which is possible when staying in a self-catering apartment (as opposed to the fixed schedule a hotel would offer). Kids can eat earlier, adults can enjoy their favourite meals at their leisure, and you’re sure not to be disturbed by other guests.

Sampling the local cuisine

Local restaurants are often the best way to experience the essence of the neighbourhood – it’s something that should always be encouraged. Hotels often try to put a damper on this.

It all comes down to lower costs – which allows you to budget better and leaves you money for other activities – and a much greater degree of freedom. It’s about planning your own schedule and not having to stick to one that hotels often set for you. It’s about being able to choose what you eat, rather than selecting from a pre-set menu. It’s about experiencing a wide range of culinary delights you simply would not find were you stuck in a structured setting. It’s about living life to the fullest and making that holiday truly count.