Engineers of newly-erected buildings try to attract people to their projects. Where is the most expensive real estate in the world? Read here!

Top-10 Cities with the Most Expensive Real Estate in the World

A lot of people dream about living in a big city and having an amazing flat in the downtown. It is well-known that real estate in cities is more expensive than in the countryside. However, there are some places in the world, which can really be called “only for the elite.” Those cities have the most expensive real estate, and an average citizen can hardly buy even 1 square meter there. Let’s make a list of Top-10 cities with the highest price for residential areas! To ask about an extensive report on each city you might address

Top-10 Cities with the Highest Price for Residential Areas

Here is the list with numbers, which may amaze you! The prices are in American dollars to unify your impression.

Number 10

The 10th city is Los-Angeles. Here you can buy 57 m2 for $1 million. It looks so expensive, but it’s only the 10th! High price in this city can be explained by the pleasant weather conditions and, of course, by Hollywood.

Number 9

The 9th in our Top-10 is Paris, France. For $1 million you can buy 50 square meters. However, Paris is worth living here: beautiful parks, amazing historical monuments and other attractions will make your life unforgettable!

Number 8

The 8th is Shanghai in China. It’s one of the biggest cities in this country, and it has beach resorts – $1 million is equal to 48 square meters here.

Number 7

The 7th city with the most expensive real estate is Sydney in Australia, as you can buy 40 square meters at the same price.

Number 6

Then goes Geneva in Switzerland, where for $1 million you can buy 39 m2. This city is a place of international congresses and conferences. Moreover, the level of life is comparatively high.

Number 5

The 5th in our Top-10 is Singapore, which is called “the city of future.” $1 million is equal to 37 square meters here. Nevertheless, there are modern buildings, which look like in movies about 22th century.

Number 4

New York is the 4th in this list. You can buy 34 square meters for $1 million in this city. New York is also one of the most popular cities in the world, there are many opportunities to climb the corporate ladder and its Central Park is just wonderful.

Number 3

Third goes London with 21 square meters for $1 million. Great Britain is known for its rains, so don’t forget to buy an umbrella!

Number 2

The second city is Hong Kong in China, where for $1 million you can buy only 20 square meters. This city also looks like in movies about future, and, in addition, it’s washed by the South China Sea.

Number 1

Finally,  the  first  place  in  our  Top-10  cities  with  the  most  expensive  real  estate  takes  the Monaco  City. For $1  million  you  can  buy  only  17  square  meters.  The  city  is  washed  by  the  Mediterranean Sea  and combines  new technologies with historic buildings.  It makes Monaco City a very interesting place to live in.

Now you know where the most expensive real estate in the world is. But this list can be changed soon, as not long ago the most expensive land in the world was sold in Hong Kong, so this city can become first in our Top-10!