Being a leading tourist and traveler operator, is getting its services beyond expectations. Medical problem can be a big issue if you are on tour to a new country. It can be more worst in case you don’t have a medical insurance.

Medical insurance can save you a truckload of money without spending too much in this regard, as is offering you a great medical insurance that expands all the issues as per you and your family health is concerned.

Rafleys offers you a full range of medical services in which you can avail more than 40,000 professionals in 1200 clinics in Spain. In exchange you need to pay as low as 3500 rubles per month

Some of the major facilities are stated as under which will be covered under this awesome medical insurance policy.

Clinical Examinations

By availing the medical insurance policy you will be eligible to visit regular yearly held clinics under this policy. It will be valid to visit twice per year to a specific clinic. The Good and qualified staff with best in the world facilities, it is really not worthier than your health.

Examination will be done by the best in the business Doctors and Paramedical staff who are ready to give you special treatment and the care you need to have in those week moments.


Diagnostics is very important factor as per your health is concerned and all the treatment you will take in the coming days is based on proper diagnostics. Beside this, it is one of the more expensive processes in whole treatment. To avoid any inconvenience in this regard, you need to have a good medical insurance. You can easily avail it in your native country but in country where you don’t know too much about the procedures, come up with a complete solution.

You can secure your health along with your loved ones, under this health insurance policy which offers you the most expensive equipments and modern labs for diagnostics all around the Spain.

Treatments medical insurance makes it sure to give you the best possible treatment from a huge team of specialists who are associated with this health policy. This policy not only gives you the peace of mind but also help you to enjoy your trip the way you want.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, another good thing which is associated with medical assurance is this policy is available without any age brackets. You can avail this policy at any age. No matter you are an old man or woman or it is for your newborn baby, this policy is for everyone who want to avail it.

TO avail medical policy, you can fill out a special form in which you need to mention the plan of policy you are willing to take in this regard. Along with this, you can apply for the policy at the time of signing your agreement with in which you need to give all the relevant information about your overall health in association of some of your personal information.