Gurgaon, also known as the financial and technology hub, has a good market for real estate too. Presence of some of the corporate giants and many more offices of various sectors, attract the employers from all the corners of the country which also lead to increase in demand for the real estate here. Among all the localities in Gurgaon, there are a total number of 37314 properties listed. In 91 localities the price trend has shown a rise in the last six months whereas 120 localities have shown a drop in the price trend. Some localities have a stagnant price trend in the last six months. The starting price of properties in Gurgaon is 1.65 lacs, and the most expensive property in Gurgaon is priced at 70.50 crores. The average price of property in Gurgaon is around 1.68 crore. Some of the localities, their prices on the basis of per sqft are detailed below.

  • Sector 82 – The price of property ranges from 2889 to 8511 per sqft. The average price over here is 7306 per sqft. In the past four to six months, Sector 82 property values have witnessed a rise of 14.1% in their price trend.
  • Sector 67 – The per sqft price in Sector 67 ranges from 2441 to 13077, while the average per sqft price is 11203. A rise of 6.5% in the prices of the property has been noted within the last six months.
  • Sector 57 – In Sector 57 prices of property ranges from 1583 to 12279 per sqft. The average price per sqft of land costs 11566. A drop of 17.6% in the prices is being recorded within the past few months.
  • Sector 43 – The per sqft cost of land ranges from 3175 to 50958. The average per sqft cost is 38363. Around 31.45% of the drop in prices has been witnessed recently in Sector 43.
  • Sector 41 – Price of property ranges from 3167 to 28000 per sqft in Sector 41. The average price of land per sqft is 14498. A rise of 88% in prices of property is noted over here.
  • Sector 27 – Properties in Sector 27 ranges from 4500 to 14118 per sqft. Per sqft average price in this locality is 12996. A drop of 11.5% in prices of properties over here has been noted in the last six

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