The most expensive livings in the world have their prices unbelievable. Let’s take a close look onto the top luxury houses of our planet.

Top 7 Most Expensive Houses

Fantastic houses, which have the really huge prices are in America, in Europe, in Asia. There can be named the most expensive house in the world among them. Every people absolutely want the houses like what they dreamed of by working and earn money.

The Most Expensive Houses of America

In America, there are houses that did not lose their price even in times of global economic crisis. Their cost stayed on the highest possible level. If you really want to read about these houses, but are forced to do another essay, then visit and you will be free to read everything that you likeat any time.

Super-expensive and super-comfortable houses in USA, which cost more than ten million dollars, guarantee the highest possible living standards.


Villa named «Versailles» is in Windermere, Florida. The owned is David Sigel, one of world’s millionaires. His villa is the biggest in America for now. The useful surface of “Versailles” excesses 8360 sq. m. There are eleven kitchens, thirteen bedrooms, twenty-three bathrooms, covered skating ring, two home cinemas and a bowling yard. And there are the baseball field, tennis court, spacious car garage for twelve cars, and six swimming pools nearby. The estimate price of this villa is 100 million dollars. “Versailles” is one of the most expensive real estate objects in USA.

The Oaks

Luxurious villa “The Oaks” belonged to Clarence Barron in the past. It is located in Massachusetts state, in Cohasset near Boston. There are 45 living rooms in the house, the overall square of the building is 1858 sq. m. There is the pool, the tennis court, and the private beach nearby. Small comfortable hotel is built not far from the villa. The price of this mansion is estimated in 55 million dollars.

Villa Rockledge

One of the most beautiful (and the most expensive) houses in California is «Villa Rockledge». It was built by famous architects Arthur Benton and Frank A. Miller in the year of 1918 in Laguna Beach, near the ocean. This building of red bricks stands aside of other California seaside houses even nowadays. The living square of the mansion is 464 sq.m. In 1984 «Villa Rockledge» was included into the State List of National Memorials of the USA.

The Top Houses of Europe and Asia

There are houses in Europe and Asia, which have huge prices, too. Billionaires are their owners as a rule. Speaking of expensive houses of Europe, they usually mean ones in London. Asian billionaires often buy mansions in Europe, but there are houses in Asia which are impossible to be bought by the average person, too.

La Leopolda

Villa with the beautiful name of “La Leopolda” is the most expensive in Europe. Its price is estimated in 506 million dollars. This amazing building is located on the Cote d’Azur. The mansion’s surface is nearly 8 hectares. The owner of this building is unknown nowadays. Someone says it’s Mikhail Prokhorov, others say its new owner is Roman Abramovich.


“Antilla” is the name of 27-floor building in Mumbai, owned by Indian billionaire MukeshAmbani. He stores his collection of 168 cars and the collection of ancient sewing machines there. Except that, there are: the greenhouse, the swimming pool, the cinema and the entertainment center. Today’s’ estimated price of this mansion and the expensive land it is built on is nearly 2 billion dollars.

Abramovich’s Mansion

It is located on Kensington Palace Gardens in London (so-called “billionaire street”). In the year 2000, the estimated price of this building was 100 million euros. This was the sum Abramovich paid for this house. Nowadays, billionaire builds the automobile museum, the tennis court and the recreational center on the territory.

The Most Expensive House in the World for Now

The price of the most expensive house in the world is equal to 12,5 billion dollars. It is located in Switzerland, in Alpine foothills, nearly the beautiful lake of Zug. The exact location of the most expensive living in the world is a covered secret. The immense price of this building is not like that because of its size, but because of materials used to build and to decorate it (there were used real dinosaur bones and nearly 200 tons of precious metals for that). Its overall surface is 725 sq. m. There are eight rooms, the underground garage and the vine vault there. This house had been built during more than five years. The unknown Switzerland citizen paid for it.