Employees, or people in general, want to feel appreciated. So, to ensure your employees get the praise they deserve, pay attention to their efforts, and commend them often. Use a positive tone with high-quality synonyms. Don’t just throw out a generic compliment. You should really hone in on what they have done correctly, and then praise them for doing a great job. It feels good to be appreciated, especially when specifics are involved.

You should also strive to: 

Discourage Office Gossip and Encourage Acceptance

Acceptance and tolerance are the two biggest elements of a working office relationship. People want to feel accepted as much as they want to feel appreciated. Sure, not every single day is rainbows and sunshine. But hey, there can still be mostly positive vibes flowing through your workplace on a daily basis. So, to help acceptance along, encourage tolerance among your employees and discourage office gossip. If you have to, put a policy in place that carries consequences for those that spread vicious gossip about their coworkers.

Host Fun Contests and Office Challenges with Prizes

People are naturally competitive, as a general rule. So, challenge your employees with fun contests and office competitions. Prizes are a must. And those prizes could be anything from a set of awesome candles, to a restaurant gift card, to a shopping spree somewhere, and anything you can come up with. Not only will this give employees an incentive to work smarter, but it also offers some friendly competition and camaraderie to result in office friends.  Plus, you could always up the ante with a recurring jackpot. Fun!

Get to Know and Connect with Your Employees

Your employees can become your friends…most of the time. Or, in the very least, they can become like a work family—close-knit and connected. But to achieve this connection, you should take a genuine interest in their lives and passions. Be available to talk at any time, while offering bits and pieces of your life in return. Form a connection with your employees; one that tells them they can confide in and talk to you. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, whether it be taking a course at the real estate school of Nevada , or heading your own company in another state, connection is what the successes in your life will be built upon.

If you ever feel that your employees are distant from you, use the aforementioned tips to become a better, or the best, boss you can possibly be. Your employees want to like you, but you have to give them someone to appreciate. Be the boss that you would want to have.