It’s always annoying to think and talk about insurance – any kind of insurance – simply because it’s one of things that we spend money on, and hope that we never need it. The truth is, however, that without insurance we have no secure future, and so it becomes a matter not of whether or not we need the insurance (we definitely do), but what kind of insurance we should get.

The fact that there are many insurance providers and many kinds of insurances out there (each with their own advantages and disadvantages) doesn’t make it easier to select the right one. Getting a house and are having trouble choosing the correct home insurance? Here are some top tips and advice on getting the best home insurance deal when buying a home.

Building insurance versus contents insurance

You should make a difference between insuring the actual building (hence, the construction itself), and what is in it (the contents). Both could be taken on separately or together, depending on your preferences or the contract that you prefer. Read it through, and consider various options before deciding.

Building insurance

If you own a building, and are paying mortgage on it, then insuring the building itself will be a necessity – the other parties will insist on it (and it’s a safeguard in case something happens). If you own the building, you are required to take care of this, but if you lease the building or part thereof, the owner is usually shouldered with the expenses and obligation thereto.

Contents insurance

This kind of insurance covers whatever is in the building – it could cover your furniture, your fancy china, your paintings, whatever you feel is worthy of insurance and what you feel you are entitled to have reimbursed in case untoward incidents happen.

Getting the right one

It’s all about making the right choices, and hence it’s all about being sure you can reduce both the costs and the risks. This, of course, is easier said than done. There are various options out there, and whether you decide to take insurance on the building alone or the contents alone, or both, depends on you.

It’s not easy to choose – it’s a process, and you need to check various policies carefully before you decide on a particular one. Remember this especially: don’t just settle for the home insurance contract your mortgage lender will provide; it’s best to know what’s out there first and then you can make the right decision. Your home insurance, after all, is one of the largest necessary expenses you have when you buy a home. It’s an expense, but it’s security as well. Take your time and select the right one. To lessen your confusion, you can always seek advice from a mortgage broker and home insurance specialist, such as those from Flagstone.

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